About me

Hi, my name is Yogie, the author of this blog. I was born in Palembang, Indonesia. I moved to Jakarta since i was in elementary school. I was graduated from Institute of Tourism Sahid Jakarta and currently pursuing for a master degree in Beijing, China. 

Why i decided to write a blog?

I met a friend in Beijing who is a writer and he asked me whether i like to write or not. I said i don’t write and he told me “you need to start to write, just write anything, a book, a journal, a daily life, anything, it will eliminate your stress and you will learn more through write”. 
Well, it inspires me. Since then, i start to write anything including unnecessary things HAHA. Apart of this, I love travelling but i never write anything about my travel journey. I love to meet a new people from anywhere, learn their cultures and experience new things. So i decided to write a blog to share my experience while hoping to have a chance to meet new friends. 

I’m still a newbie in writing but still i hope this blog can inspire anyone. Please keep support me 🙂

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