Nowadays, we know milktea is a very popular drink, and it is very easy for us to be able to enjoy milk tea anywhere. In addition, along with the development of the era of many milk tea brands popping up and growing, below is the following milk tea’s brands that we have to try while in China:

1 点点 (A Little Tea)

One of the 3 most powerful bubble tea brands in China and currently has more than 600 stores in China. For me personally, I put this in my number one list, the taste is pretty balanced, not too sweet, and not too tasteless, but you can definitely adjust the level of sugar as you like. Not only good for milk tea, but they also have a lot of choices of tea drinks. The price range also affordable not pricey compared to other brands of milk tea. Tell you a secret, Yi Dian Dian (A Little Tea) ice cream is really tasted good, my favorite choice of drink is 冰淇淋红茶 (Black Tea Ice Cream), or you can add ice cream as a topping with an additional price.

Recommended Drinks: 奶茶 (Nai Cha)/Milk Tea,四季奶青 (Si Ji Nai Qing)/Four Season Milk Tea
Price Range: RMB 11-18 / Glass

都可奶茶 (Coco)

A nice balance between milk and tea, not the best but was good, moreover Coco’s price is the most affordable compare to other milk tea. Also One of the 3 most powerful bubble tea brands in China and has more than 2000 stores worldwide and 20 years of experience. You can find this store easily everywhere in China.

Recommended Drinks: 珍珠奶茶 (Zhen Zhu Nai Cha)/Bubble Milk Tea,椰果奶茶 (Ye Guo Nai Cha)/Coconut Milk Tea
Price Range: RMB 9-16 / Glass

鹿角 (The Alley )

Famous of its brown sugar tapioca pearls, layered matcha, and also black tea drink. Compare to other milk tea brand, The Alley might a bit pricey, but due to its uniqueness of drink, well it worth to try

Recommended Drinks: 黑糖鹿丸鲜奶 (Hei Tang Lu Wan Xian Nai)/Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk
Price Range: RMB 22-35 / Glass

簋茶 (Gui Tea)

Quite hard to find this store as this shop has not much branch store, Top recommended drinks are Fruit tea, smoothies, and milk tea. I can say their Fruit Tea tastes so good.

Recommended Drinks: 超级水果茶(Chao Ji Shui Guo Cha)/Super Fruit Tea,奶茶三兄弟 (Nai Cha San Xiong Di)/Three Brother Milk Tea
Price Range: RMB 17-26/ Glass

快乐柠檬 (Happy Lemon)

Happy Lemon is opened since 2006. But due to Happy Lemon’s design and its name, we might think this store is a fresh juice store, but in fact, Happy lemon is an interesting bubble tea brand in China. Currently, it even has a branch store in Korea, America, and Canada.

Recommended Drinks: 珍宝大满贯奶茶(Zhen Bao Da Man Guan Nai Cha)/Jumbo Milk Tea,快乐柠檬爽 (Kuai Le Ning Meng Shuang)/Fresh Lemonade
Price Range: RMB 15-20/ Glass

乐乐茶 (Lelecha)

Lelecha is a new high-end tea brand of Fresh Fruit Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, and Various Soft Bun. Their best-recommended drinks are various types of fruit tea. It was amazing to see how long the queue was, honesty the cheese was good but nothing extraordinary apart from it.

Recommended Drinks: 杨枝甘露冰冰茶(Yang Zhi Gan Lu Bing Bing Cha),车厘子草莓酪酪 (Che Li Zi Cao Mei Lao Lao)/Strawberry cheese
Price Range: RMB 20-33/ Glass

就是茶 (Joe’s tea)

JOE IS TEA is a well-known tea brand that was originally born in Taiwan. The founder Joe is a person who is extremely obsessed with light meals and has a natural sensitivity to the younger generation of consumer groups. Come up with this store cause they sell avocado and drink combine with Baileys which is quite interesting.

Recommended Drinks: 牛油果(Niu You Guo)/Avocado,爱尔兰明治手煮奶茶(Ai Er Lan Ming Zhi Shou Zhu Nai Cha)/Baileys Milk Tea
Price Range: RMB 16-24/ Glass

喜茶 (Hey tea)

The first store was opened in Shanghai in 2017, but when I was in Beijing in 2019, I still remember how crazy the queue was, Heytea success made a lot of headlines in China and also among Chinese millennials. Even though Heytea’s price is quite pricey, but this brand easily can compete with other brands like Coco and Yi Dian Dian. The most famous choice of drinks is not milk tea, but cheesy topping on top fo your drink. 

Recommended Drinks: 多肉芒芒甘露 (Duo Rou Mang Mang Gan Lu)/Mangoo Cheese,芝芝莓莓 (Zhi Zhi Mei Mei)/Strawberry Cheese, 满杯红柚 (Man Bei Hong You)/Grapefruite Cheese
Price Range: RMB 26-33 / Glass

If you have any other recommended milk tea or drinks, you may drop in the comment column^^

Hope this article helps you! See ya



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