“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

– Paulo Coelho

From one of my favourite books “The Alchemist”. A simple sentence but means a lot to me. I believe when there is a will, there is a way. I decided to write this blog to full fill one of my childhood dreams, to see the “world”.

Well who doesn’t want to travel around the world? One of my friends always says to me, we will never can repeat the same moment twice, so make a new moment. I always believe every journey has its own story and i want to make every story memorable in its own way. #fingercross

So here we go!

What kind of blog ?

About Travels

I would like to share my own experiences about how beautiful this world is to the world

About Foods

I would like to share my thought and opinion about how diverse all foods in this world

About Stories

I believe every journey has its own story, and i hope my story could inspire people to see the world


Just found some photo in my old phone , it has been 5 years.. lets take a tour of reminiscing old trip back then in 2016. This trip was a trip that arranged by travel agent, so the schedule might be pretty tight.  DAY 01 : ARRIVING VANCOUVER By CI32 ETA 1845 Long flight has […]


What to do in Bali beside of Beach? If you are someone who like nature, check it out some of waterfall you must visit in Bali : 1. SEKUMPUL WATERFALL Located in northern of Bali, gonna takes around 2,5hr drives from Seminyak or Kuta. We can say this is the most scenic nature waterfall in […]


Travelling during the pandemic. Almost one and half year I don’t do travel, and this time i’m so glad to be able to visit Bali for vacation.  This time I decided to stay longer in Ubud. I stayed in The Pari Sudha , which is located in Ubud (Desa Petulu, Ubud). I didn’t expect that […]

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